April 17, 2018

Get out of the boat and start walking!

Are you tired of the same thing over and over again? Are you wishing that things would change in a split second? Is your faith stale […]
September 10, 2012

Increase Your Productivity Everyday

We have heard the slogan that we don’t have enough time in the day. Is this true? Yes, if I were to lie to myself. On […]
April 7, 2012

Financial Takeover: Leaving a Legacy

Two things are guaranteed in life—taxes and death. One of the most difficult challenges for families to handle is the death of a loved one. There […]
August 19, 2011

Volume 8 of Your Money Answers – How high is your debt ceiling?

We have seen over the past month, The Great Debt Ceiling Debate. No matter how you look at it; whether you are for or against it, you have to admit there were some pretty interesting discussion. I do believe that we are truly educated about the United States debt ceiling. Let me ask you a question. Can you raise your own debt ceiling anytime you like?
May 17, 2011

Volume 4 – Your Money Answers: Investments

Finance is a tool that will benefit you. When the tool is used, it does wonderful things. If you allow it to master you, it will […]
May 5, 2011

Volume 3 – Your Money Answers: Tithe, Husband Spending, and Bankruptcy for Christians

Finance is a tool that should benefit you. When the tool is used, it does wonderful things for your life. If you allow it to master […]
February 14, 2011

The plastic is not your friend – credit card debt doubles

Have you heard the latest news that credit card debt has doubled from the past couple of years? Could it be that most people feel more […]
February 1, 2011

The Power of Financial Resurrection

John 11:11-14 Then he said, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but now I will go and wake him up.”  The disciples said, “Lord, if he […]
December 27, 2010

Run your own race -teachings from the tortoise and hare

What can we learned from Aesop’s Fable – Tortoise and Hare? We learn patience, planning, vision, and consistency are all keys to success not only in […]